NBA Narratives: October 24th, 2017

Welcome back to NBA Narratives for Tuesday October 24th! Tonight we have a six game slate with birthdays and revenge on the agenda, so lets take a stroll down #Narrativestreet ……


NBA Birthdays:

If this is your first year with us at NBANarratives, you should know that NBA Players seem to love to put on a show on their Birthdays.  Whether it’s a few more shot attempts, their teammates feeding the ball a little more, it’s a good idea to know which NBA Players are celebrating birthdays.

Tonight, we wish a happy birthday today to Jaylen Brown and to Nicoli Vucevic! Both are off to a nice start individually, we’ll see if that continues tonight!




Again, one of the best motivators for NBA Players is to go out and ball all over their former teams. Tonight we have two #Revenge spots:

First, Kay Felder who Cleveland paid millions in cash for the rights to on draft night was waived by the team right around the start of the season. Chicago, short on point guards, picked up Kay and made him their backup PG. In 2 games in this role Felder has been between 16-20 minutes, and is certainly not shy about putting up shots. Might be an interesting punt option.


Second, Jeff Teague and the Minnesota Timberwolves take on Teague’s former team (last season) the Indiana Pacers. In what should be a pace-up affair for Minnesota, Teague gets to try to stick it to his former team in one of the higher O/Us on this slate.


Shaking it up already / Revenge:

As was widely reported, D Wade went to coach Lue and asked if he could move to the bench to run the 2nd unit. Most people who follow basketball thought Wade would definitely help Cleveland when he was signed after being bought out by Chicago (#REVENGENARRATIVE tonight), but most also thought his place to help would be to anchor the 2nd unit. Wade, after an abysmal first few games, has seemingly realized this as well. Tonight J.R. Smith is slated to start at the 2 with Wade coming off the bench, which gives both players more value IMO. In addition, D. Rose also would be in for a nice #Revenge spot tonight, however he is not expected to play with an ankle injury.



That does it for us, as always catch us on twitter @NBANarratives and let us know what you liked or what we missed. Good luck tonight!

-J Ward (OhioUBobcats)



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