NBA Narratives – Sunday, April 2nd

Welcome to NBA Narratives for Sunday, April 2nd!

We’ve had a ton of fun here at NBA Narratives, so today is a little bittersweet as this will be my last post for the current NBA Season, at least as the plan stands now.  I make my money in DFS in baseball, so I will be focusing there after today.  No guarantee that I won’t make a post here come playoff time though!

Let’s take a look at the Narratives in play for today in the NBA…

NBA Birthdays

No active NBA Birthdays, but happy birthday to Larry Drew!



Jeremy Lamb and the Charlotte Hornets travel to Oklahoma City to take on his former squad.  I usually don’t play Jeremy Lamb unless there’s a bunch of guys hurt, but who knows?!


C.J. Miles and Indiana travel to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers, whom C.J. played for from 2012 – 2014.



Kyle Lowry, proud to be from north Philly, is unfortunately still out with a wrist injury. This is a spot that Lowry usually crushes.



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