It’s Thursday, some NBA teams are battling for their playoff lives and there are some monster DFS contests tonight. Let’s take a look at what this six-game slate has to offer:


Every time Jared Dudley suits up to play an NBA game, there is a 16.67% chance he is involved in a revenge game. Tonight is one of those nights as Jared host his former Los Angeles Clippers team who come in on a road back-to-back. Dudley played just one season during the 2013-2014 campaign.

Spencer Dinwiddie flashed upside against his old team, the Pistons, a couple of weeks ago, but a healthy Nets team coupled with the participation trophy style rotation the coach runs out each night caps upside in an otherwise nice revenge opportunity.

When these are your #revenge spots, you know we at NBA Narratives are bottom feeding for content. Oh the March days of NBA….

fail nba


Caris LeVert travels back to the state up north where he played college ball for the team up north. Sorry I can’t say the name(s) I’m from Ohio. Respect the code. Yet another top recruit in central Ohio that Thad Matta didn’t snag. Shocker. Anyway, LeVert may have a few extra folks in the stands for this otherwise meaningless Nets game.

worst state ever

Cleveland and Chicago square off in the United Center in the 8:00 p.m. TNT game followed by the awesome hammer game between Houston visiting Portland at 10:30 p.m. Who the hell knows what Cavs team will show up but the fighting Jimmy Butlers have to play all out as they are in a fight for the final playoff seed in the East. The same goes for Portland who are teetering on the final slot in the West. Should be two games to target with plenty of “all hands on deck” performances from at least the Bulls and Trail Blazers.



Ron Baker (Knicks) — not on slate

Jerry Lucas (Ohio and 3 ABA Teams) — not on slate, super retired

Marco — not on the slate, my 2-year old nephew, Happy Birthday Buddy!

Sorry guys not much on the street tonight but we did out best. Hit us up on @nbanarratives — Thank You!



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