Sure the NCAA tournament is back in action today, but we @nbanarratives are still focused on the five-game slate that the Association has presented to us the fans. Let’s take a look at some of the #narratives for today:


Happy birthday to King Kyrie! Uncle Drew celebrates a birthday today, but he does have a road game in Charlotte tomorrow. This is almost certain to draw the Questionable – Illness tag throughout the day with the celebration from the night before. We don’t care Kyrie will always be remembered for this:

Kyrie The Shot


Also a Happy Birthday to Gordon Hayward, a well-paid “high motor” guy who plays in Utah. Due to last night’s Jazz giveaway, I expect Gordon to be celebrating a little differently than our boy Kyrie.

meat sweats


A lesser name in the NBA world, but Archie Goodwin now plays for Brooklyn but hosts his former Suns team tonight. Reports are that Jeremy Lin is probably to play, but if he is held out again, Archie makes for a stone minimum (Levitan pun) punt in a #revenge spot. Goodwin did put up a nice stat line on Tuesday in just 17 minutes of court time.

Raymond Felton travels back to Dallas where he spent the previous two seasons before signing with the Clippers. Ray is super old but he is still playing serviceable minutes.

Marc Gasol travels to San Antonio to square off with Pau Gasol in the brother vs. brother game. Looks like both brothers get up for their chance to beat their brother’s brains in (photos courtesy of Statmuse):

Marc game log


Pau game log

Our final #revenge narrative is our cover boy DeAndre Jordan who travels back to Dallas in a straight up awkward situation. A July 4th, 2015 ESPN headline read:

“DeAndre Jordan, Mavericks reach agreement on max contract”

…..and on July 8th, 2015, Fox Sports’ lead story read something like this:

“DeAndre Jordan jilts Mavs, re-signs with Clippers in stunning turnaround”

It was a Twitter firestorm and ultimately ended with a pissed off Mavericks owner and fan base. Yikes. There is some sample of DeAndre games against the Mavs since the incident occurred:

Deandre stats

photo courtesy of Statmuse

At least DeAndre kept quiet about everything:

Deandre Dirk Gif

That it for today — let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank You!


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