#NarrativeStreet March 15th

There are few things in this world that I know to be true.

Pizza is the perfect food.

The Browns will always stink.

March Madness is the best time of the year.

In 2015, I remember going down to the Quicken Loans arena in downtown Cleveland for the regional round of the NCAA tournament and thinking that Kentucky was unbeatable.  Riddled with NBA level talent, they DISMANTLED a West Virginia team 78-39.  It was an ass kicking.


Headlining that Kentucky team?  Devin Booker and Willie Cauley Stein who face off tonight in Phoenix in a #KentuckyTeammatesInMarchReunionNarrative.  With the second highest O/U on the night, and the spread under a touchdown, this seems to be a solid place to focus for DFS tonight.

While the 221 over under in the Arizona desert seems appealing, it pales in comparison to the preposterous 235 total taking place at the Toyota Center tonight between Houston and the LakeShow.  #RevengeNarrative galore in this track meet with Sweet Lou Williams and Corey Brewer facing their former running mates.  D’Angelo Russell was pulled from the starting lineup Monday against the Nuggets because Luke Walton is a donkey – let’s hope that gets straightened out before tip-off this evening.

Death, taxes, and Anthony Davis being a vagina.  Davis left the Pelican’s last game in the second quarter with a twisted ankle.  He returned, but the injury concern is always there for the man they call the Brow.

You know who’s old?  Vince Carter.  This month marks the 18 year anniversary of the first time he played in the United Center.  Carter recently was quoted as saying he was a better dunker than Michael Jordan.  While I actually agree with that statement, the fans in Chicago might have something to say about it tonight in Vince’s #SomeDFSPlayersWerentBornWhenHeFirstPlayedHere narrative.  That’s a thing.


#LavarBallSays the Pistons had a chance last night.  They didn’t.  They got rolled by the #SquadGoalAllStars in Cleveland, but the silver lining is that no Detroit starter played more than 27 minutes.  They’ll be fresh for their matchup against the Jazz tonight, where nobody will play them anyways.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day Scarf night in Boston!  Fire up all your favorite Irishmen like Rajon O’Rondo and Jimmy McButler.


Happy Birthday to my man Jabari Parker.  Get will soon… your Bucks team is going to be fun to watch the next decade!

That’s all she wrote on this 10 game slate – let me know what we missed on twitter @NBANarratives and best of luck tonight!


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