Tonight is a barren wasteland without any real narratives standing out, but I’ll try to squeeze out some DFS relevance. Let’s begin…..


Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs travel to Oklahoma City in the 8:00 p.m. showcase TNT game. Leonard as well as LaMarcus Aldridge were rested last night in anticipation of the tough road back-to-back for San Antonio. Kawhi has tremendous upside against the Thunder as evidenced by his DraftKings game log versus them:

Kawhiphoto courtesy of

Leonard has being having an MVP season that has gone completely overlooked because of HoboFeet (Harden) and the Cyborg (Russ) playing non-human basketball on a nightly basis. I love the Kawhi nationally televised “Hey, I’m good” rested spot tonight. The Spurs last night overcame a 28-point deficit to win their 50th game of the season. An energetic Coach Pop and a big win could lead to the classic road letdown spot, but it’s the Spurs and they are capable of playing up in any scenario.

Game Scenarios

Cleveland @ Detroit — The Pistons are playing on a home back-to-back; Cleveland may be getting The Pipe back (J.R. Smith) with Kevin Love out and Kyle Korver likely sidelined

San Antonio @ Oklahoma City — Aldridge and Leonard are rested and ready to go; Russell Westbrook is on the slate and in this game roster accordingly

Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis — Tough spot for the Clippers playing on a road back-to-back


Mike Conley socks to the first 4,000 fans in the building tonight. Yes it is bottom of barrel narrative scraping time.



Matt Barnes (Golden State) not on the slate

That’s it. Hopefully tomorrow will provide us with more content. Good luck tonight. As always, let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank You!


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