March 8th. #NarrativeStreet

“Well son, that’s because sometimes people are douche bags.”

It sounded like a strange thing to say to a three year old, but my son is very advanced for his age.  Or perhaps I still don’t have a good grasp on this whole parenting thing.  Or maybe it’s because there’s no other way to say it.

Sometimes people are douche bags.

In my son’s case, some kid at school wouldn’t share his toy truck.

In real life, maybe a friend refuses to buy a round of drinks, or the guy on the airplane that tries to get to the front of the plane as you land, or even someone trying to be a know-it-all-bully on Reddit.

Sometimes people are douche bags.


Mike Budenholzer knows what I’m talking about.

Against the Warriors, Budenholzer’s Hawks jumped out to a 5 point lead at halftime behind the sensational play of Dennis Schroder.  Schroder scored 19 first quarter points against the Splash Brothers, but was benched for the rest of the game after jawing with teammate Dwight Howard, and then again with Budenholzer himself.

Losing your cool and yelling at teammates over the Warriors hitting three-pointers is about as useless as this guy trying to drive home.

Speaking of douche bags and long range shots, Dion Waiters is on the slate again tonight after banking in a dagger triple to ice the game against the Cavs on Monday.  Dion seems like such a likable dude.

Moving away from the negative and focusing on the positive….


The only question around this #BobbleheadNarrative is who is more injury prone; The Brow or his bobblehead.

We’re pretty excited too, big fella.

Number 3 and number 4 in the West do battle as Utah travels to Houston.  Great defense vs great offense trying to position themselves to not have to face Golden State until the Western Conference Finals.  So yea… pretty big game.

The Warriors themselves welcome the Celtics to the Oracle and we here at NBA Narratives have secured EXCLUSIVE footage of the two point guards in this game practicing defense in anticipation for the clash.  Exciting stuff.

There’s a few revenge spots to take a look at today, including Rodney Stuckey, Chris Kardashian Humphries, and DJ Augustine.


Happy Birthday to Ian Clark of the Warriors, who tallied ten points in ten minutes last game against Atlanta.

I feel bad even sharing those last two narratives.  Apparently sometimes even blog writers are douche bags.

That’s all we could come up with today – follow us on twitter @NBANarratives and let us know what we missed!


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