Monday gives us a massive 11-game slate with a plethora of #narratives spread across a lot of game. Our cover boy is none other than King James who hosts his former Miami Heat team. LBJ peaced out of Northeast Ohio from 2010-2014 crushing the souls of everyone in Ohio, myself included. But you know what, no hard feelings because the 2015-2016 season happened and all is forgiven



The sample size isn’t the best since he returned home against the Heat. In three games since putting on the Cavs jersey again, LeBron averages just 43.3 DraftKings points. Still, it’s the King in a #revenge spot and the guy has been playing out of his mind all season. Fire up. Additionally, James and Kyrie bot sat in the Saturday tilt against this same Heat team in which the Cavs were crushed 120-92 behind a season-high 18 three pointers from Miami. Things got a little heated (pun) at the end of the game when Rodney McGruder pushed Channing Frye in the back which sparked J.R. Smith to have some choice words at Rod as well as Dion Waiters. Should be a spirited game tonight at the Q.

Other #Revenge Spots

Dion Waiters (Miami) travels back to Cleveland where he spent three seasons and played in 164 total games. Dion will be chucking up shots in this one.

Derrick Williams (Cleveland) spent just one season with the Heat and played in 25 games but a #revenge spot is still present.

James Jones (Cleveland) is getting very little run with the Cavs this season, but JJ called Miami home for six seasons spanning 255 games.

Kyle O’Quinn (New York) hosts his former Magic club where he played three seasons 2012-2015.

Vince Carter (Memphis) gets the crap Brooklyn Nets in a #revenge spot where Vinsanity played from 2004-2009 totaling 374 games. It was during his stint in New Jersey (now Brooklyn) where while playing for Team USA he did this:


Al Jefferson (Indiana) and his dental pain travel back to Charlotte where Big Al played 185 games over three seasons.

Zaza Pachulia (Golden State) returns to Atlanta where he was a stalwart for eight seasons from 2005-2013.

Kent Bazemore (Atlanta) is my most frustrating DFS play in the league. However, he did play two seasons in Golden State for a grand total of 105 underwhelming games.

Kosta Koufos (Sacramento) played in a reserve role for the Nuggets for three seasons

Ty Lawson (Sacramento) travels back to Denver where they drafted him and he spent the first six seasons of his up and down career. Make sure to check his Instagram page in case he didn’t seek out any bomb Mexican spots.


Paul Pierce (L.A. Clippers) and his extremely brittle and worn down body still qualify for the #revenge spot where he hosts the Celtics after spending 15 HOF years in Beantown.

Doc Rivers (L.A. Clippers) tonight participates in a #doublerevenge narrative. Doc played in Boston from 1984-1996 and also coached the Celtics for nine seasons spanning from 2004-2013.


Marcus Smart (Boston) is fully in the rotation and gets the #birthdaygame narrative in Los Angeles tonight against the Clippers

Shaq has a birthday as well. Shaq is the man and a great addition to the TNT crew. Happy Birthday to the Diesel!


Good Luck tonight! Let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank you!



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