NBA Narratives – March 5th

Welcome to NBA Narratives for Sunday March 5th!  Today we have 7 games spread out through the day to enjoy, and there are a few Narratives in play.  Let’s take a stroll down #NarrativeStreet …


NBA Birthdays:  

Happy Birthday to Emmanuel (in space) Mudiay!  Unfortunately not on the slate, unless you have an extensive old-school skinemax collection.

Sorry, I had to.

Happy Birthday to Marshall Plumlee (not on slate).

Also, happy birthday to Wally Szczerbiak and to notable NBA Jam bully Scott Skiles.  2 hand shove defense was legit.


Revenge Narrative:

Jeff Teague returns to Atlanta for the first game since being traded to Indiana before this past year’s draft.  Teague played 7 highly productive seasons in Atlanta, and could have a little extra motivation to put on a show in front of the fans that used to cheer him on.


Brandon Jennings played the 2nd half of the 2016 season for the Orlando Magic. He, along with the rest of the Washington Wizards, host Orlando today.

#Superstar? Narrative

Mark Cuban is a very smart guy, not to mention an incredibly outspoken Owner who is very involved in the daily workings of his Dallas Mavericks.  Even smart guys are wrong occasionally, and Cuban couldn’t have been more wrong in saying that Russell Westbrook was not a superstar.  He even went so far as to double down in December, although he at least conceded that he was putting up “superstar numbers”.

You don’t want to make Russell Westbrook angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. DFS players on the other hand LOVE a pissed-off Westy.


That’s it for today!  As always, let us know what we missed or what you liked on twitter @NBANarratives.


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