March 3 #NarrativeStreet

Yesterday marked the 55th anniversary of Wilt the Stilt’s 100-point game, and today marks the 26th anniversary of his memoirs in which he declared to the world that he had slept with 20,000 women.  For #teammath (we know you follow us even though you refute narratives like a flat earth) – if we assume Wilt began his womanizing ways at the age of 15 and his 20,000 belt notches occurred over 40 years, 500 women per year / 365 days = 1.36 women a day. Rumor has it, the most common name of the 20K was Kelly…

Speaking of Kelly, Oubre gets his bobbling head game tonight as his Wizards host the Raptors.


Kelly isn’t the only one who gets the Bobblehead bump tonight, Devin Booker made sure the Sun fans pack the house tonight as legendary announcer Al McCoy.

The Mavs are also getting in on the Friday night Bobblehead fun featuring a swole Dwight Powell.


The ATL will be rocking tonight, not because I’m spending five hours in their Airport today, rather we’ve got a double narrative game as Kyle Korver seeks revenge on his former mates & legend Pistol Pete Maravich #44 gets hung in the rafters in Philips Arena. Maravich, drafted by the Hawks in 1970 was the OG “Yack Em Heavyweight Champion of the World” undoubtedly inspiring Kyrie and kids to unmercifully break ankles.


Atlanta isn’t the only game with multiple narratives, we get a #triplerevenge game in Utah as former mates Derrick Favors and Trevor Booker face off in a battle of bigs while former Net Joe Johnson also seeks revenge.

Vince Carter is no stranger of battles, fresh off his ejection for clocking Devin Booker, the ageless wonder gets to seek revenge in Dallas tonight against the Mavericks, assuming he doesn’t miss for suspension.

Multiple narratives to be aware of in the Griz / Mavs matchup too, Powell’s bobblehead, Vince’s fist & Chandler Parsons revenge too. Although, if we remember Chandler’s last trip to Dallas – it looks like he’s very welcome in Big D still and will probably be channeling his inner-Wilt post-game.


Other notable revenge games on the slate:

Spencer HawesClippers @ Bucks

Brandon Wright – Grizzlies @ Mavs

As always, follow us on Twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed and best of luck tonight!


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