NBA Narratives – Feb 28th

Welcome to NBA Narratives for Tuesday, Feb 28th!

Tonight we have a medium sized six game slate in the association, with a few narratives that might help you set your DFS lineups, and a few other interesting things to mention as well!  Let’s take a stroll down #NarrativeStreet …..

NBA Birthdays:

Happy birthday today to Josh McRoberts (not on slate) and to E’Twaun Moore (not on slate).  Hopefully McBob will get a haircut for his birthday.

I mean, Damn.

In addition, happy birthday to Adrian Dantley!  The former Notre Dame star / Utah Jazz star / crossing guard turns 62 today.



Homecoming Narrative:

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors travel to Durant’s home town, Washington DC, to take on the Wizards tonight.  Durant may look to put on a show for friends and family who may be in attendance.


Revenge Narratives:

Tonight we have three revenge narratives in play.  First, Brendan Wright (Q, Personal, as of the writing of this column) takes on the Phoenix Suns, his former squad.

Second, king Joffrey Lauvergne takes on Denver whom he broke into the league with.

Easy there fella. Maybe buy me dinner first.

Lastly, Enes Kanter, back from breaking his wrist being a dumbass fighting a chair, takes on the Utah Jazz in a revenge game against his former squad.  Shout out to Reddit: Idiots Fighting Things . Maybe Kanter will show that same fight against his former teammates. Without the punching anyway.

Apparently he hates video cameras too!

“Other” Narratives:

For some reason, Reggie Jackson balls out against Portland / Damian Lillard.

Credit to

I don’t know if there’s a specific reason, if anyone knows if he hates Lillard or something let us know, but I suspect it’s just Lillard’s crappy defense.

#Beef Narrative:


Apparently Alan Williams from Phoenix got lippy with Troy Daniels (Memphis) last game, so there might be a #Beef narrative in play tonight.  Let the hate flow through ya!



“Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead in the Finals” narrative:

Deron Williams officially signed with Cleveland last night.  Deron will be playing for his 4th team in the NBA now as he takes the floor with the Cavs.  He has played for the Utah Jazz (twice), New Jersey / Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, and now Cleveland.  In his 13 year career, he has only worn one number on his Jersey, #8.  Until now.


Troll on, Cleveland.

That’s it for today!  Enjoy the games, and as always catch us at @NBANarratives and let us know what we missed and what you liked.


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