February 24th #NarrativeStreet

The trade deadline helped shape the winners of last night’s GPPs, and I expect more of the same tonight on this fantastic ten game slate.

With Boogie out of town, the Kings spread there minutes like a set of Kardashian legs against Denver.  The biggest beneficiary of the Big Fella to the Big Easy was Willie Cauley-Stein, who logged 35 minutes, and put up 29-10.

The Kings were able to Free Willie, and it paid off big time.  The key to tonight may in fact be determining who will benefit most from the roster shake ups.

And I, for one, know exactly where I’m going to begin.


#FreeBobbyPortis is a thing.

With Taj and Doug McBuckets making their way to Oklahoma City, the door is open for DFS darling Bobby Portis.  Dirt cheap across the industry, and a potential starting nod staring him in the face makes Bobby Portis tonight’s GPP cover boy special.

In a #CupboardIsBare narrative, the 76ers traded big men Ersan Ilyasova and Nerlens Noel over the break.  With superhuman Joel Embiid still on the shelf, expect big minutes from Dario Saric tonight against the Wiz.

In a #FirstNameInitialsAreConfusing narrative, PJ Tucker was shipped out of Phoenix, allowing TJ Warren to soak up some extra minutes.  Or maybe it was the other way around?

In our first ever #PicnicBasketNarrative, Deron Williams has been waived by the Dallas Mavs and JJ Barea is still sidelined with a bum-calf opening the door for all the Yogi you can handle.  I’ve never been much of math person, but this equation seems to make sense:

Extended minutes + Ricky Rubio defense = Yogi makes a smarter than your average punt play.


(Side note – I’m crushing the dad-jokes so far)

You know who likes being from Indiana?  Probably nobody.

But that doesn’t take away the #HomecomingNarrative that the Memphis Grizzlies will have on their side tonight when they travel to Indianapolis to face the Pacers.  Both Mike Conley and Zach Randolph call Indiana home and get to face a Pacers team that doesn’t typically bother to rebound the basketball.


Some new guys that should be in uniform tonight will be all about that #NewGuyInTown narrative, the most attractive being the winner of the most coveted award in all of Narrative-ville, Serge Ibaka.

A few #RevengeNarrative spots to keep in mind:  Amir Johnson faces a Raptors team that he played with for 6 seasons and  Robin Lopez battles the Suns.

The first 5000 fans to visit the Staples center tonight with get a Plush Chuck Doll.  I’m not sure what to do with that, but at least we may see the return of both Chris Paul and Pau Gasol this evening.  And that’s good for the NBA.

Speaking of #WelcomeBack narratives…  a 231 over under in Denver to welcome back LINSANITY is very nice!  Jeremy Lin is expected to return against a Nuggets team who ranks 28th against the point guard this season.

Finally, as we should know by now, Magic Johnson does not fuck around.

Earvin went all Emilio Barzini on the Lakers Front Office over the break and made a statement about the direction he expects the Lakers to go.  With Sweet Lou packing his bags and heading to Houston, opportunity opens up for D’Angelo Russell to pull a  “Michael Corleone” against some Russ Westbrook defense.


That’s all she wrote for today.  Follow us on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed!


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