NBA First Half All Narrative Team

Ten days without meaningful NBA.  Ain’t this some bullshit.

As we take a step back during this break, we here at NBA Narratives would like to thank you all for tuning in and checking out our site.  A wise man once told me that if you take yourself too seriously, nobody else will.  Chris, Jeremy, Chris, Mike and I are glad we’ve found a group of knuckleheads that we don’t have to be overly serious with.

So thank you.

Now, without further ado, I present to you the NBA’s ALL NARRATIVE TEAM (and the performance for which got them this prestigious award).

Russell Westbrook.  October 28th.  It doesn’t take a genius to recommend Russell Westbrook as a core play, but in his first home game of the season after Kevin Durant went Brutus on the entire state of Oklahoma, Russ went for a preposterous 51/10/13 line (20 points, 3 rebounds higher than his season average).

On a night when you could roster Brow, Durant, Steph, Lebron or Harden – a quick stroll down #NarrativeStreet should have landed you on RWB without thinking twice.


#RevengeNarratives are some of the best cannon fodder that we have.  Some honorable mentions for best Revenge Narrative performance go to:

-Carmelo Anthony against the Nuggets (in two game this year, Melo has dropped 33 and 29 real life points – both higher than his 23 PPG average.)

-Andrew Wiggins against the Cavs, who went for 41 real life points (18 points higher than his season average) on Valentine’s Day.

-Harrison Barnes facing his old running mates in Golden State on November 9th dropping 25 and 8 (up from 20 and 5 for season average).

-Greg Monroe continuously destroying the Pistons, most specifically on February 13th where Monroe more than doubled his season average in points and rebounds against Stan Van Gundy and the boys.

But when it comes to Revenge Narratives , we can only have one winner of the inaugural “Steve Smith 89 Bottom Line”  award , and that belongs to the our favorite Congolese monster.

Serge Ibaka squared off against Oklahoma City on November 13th, facing a team that shipped him out of a city he loved.  Ibaka crushed his old team scoring 31 points, grabbing 9 rebounds, blocking 4 shots and hitting the game winner for Orlando.

Do you love Bobbleheads?


Me too.

A few #BobbleheadNarrative performances are worthy of mention this season thus far.  Brook Lopez gets style points for his Star Wars Wookie Bobblehead performance (24-8-4 vs season average of 20-5-1) on December 7th but the award is going to our guy Devin Booker.

On December 21, Lil Book made Talking Stick Resort Arena (#WorstNameEverNarrative?) home for the night to watch Devin drop 28-6-7 (up from season averages 21-3-3).

Speaking of the Suns, Eric Bledsoe gets a hat tip for his #BirthdayNarrative performance on December 9th as he dropped a 30-9 line (up from 21-6 season average), but that pales in comparison to Big Shot Bob Covington’s birthday performance 5 nights later where he went for 26 points and 12 boards, doubling his season average of 11 and 6.  Have a game, Bobby!

Some unorthodox narratives made their way into our hearts this year. A few of our favorites below:

#AngryLebron narrative was tossed out twice this year – one resulted in a triple double (January 25) and one with a 27-12-8-2-1 line (February 1).

#FrustratedPopovich narrative was an after Christmas gift, when the iconic Spurs coach suggested that LaMarcus Aldridge needed to play more aggressive.  LMA delivered a Christmas Miracle – 3 performances in 4 games with the following lines:  33 and 9, 27 and 8, 27 and 13.  Not a bad run for a guy averaging 17 and 7 over the year.

What happens when an unstoppable force (Kemba Walker’s road splits) meets an immovable object (#HomecomingNarrative)?  We found out on January 27th when Kemba returned to New York.  The Hornet guard who notoriously struggles on the road erupted for 31 and 10  in his hometown, shattering his road averages of 21 points and 5.

Finally, #GreekHeritageScarfNarrative made Giannis Antentokounmpo a no brainer play earlier this week.  The Greek Freak said “OPA!” as he scored 33 real life points, 10 more than his season average.

That was a lot of stats to read through.

If you made it this far, here’s a gif to reward you for sticking with us!  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we miss the rest of the NBA season!



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