NBA Narratives – Feb 14th, 2017

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Today we have a small three game slate in the NBA, but lots of narratives to help guide the way.  While we have some #revenge narratives, we also have narratives of a different variety on this day for lovers…..

NBA Birthdays

Happy birthday today to Rip Hamilton, and one of the sexiest mugs in NBA history, Gheorghe Muresan.

This is how babies are made


Love / Hate

First, the lovers….


Last year as we all know by now, the Cavs came back from down 3-1 and beat the Warriors to win the championship.  One of my favorite things about last season was the silly dynamic going on in the locker room with Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, and Kevin Love / Lil Kev.  The short of it is that on a flight home after a game, Richard Jefferson found a Tommy Bahama ad in a magazine with a model that he thought looked like Kevin Love.  He ripped the page out, laminated it, and took it everywhere with him as “lil kev”. Even so far as to make Channing Frye ride in the back of his car on their way to practice because “Lil Kev called shotgun”.

A guy named Love, who has been crushing it all year long, on Valentines day.  I was fired up to jam him in.

Unfortunately, news broke this morning of Kevin Love missing the next 6 weeks after having arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  Wherever you are K Love and Lil Kev, hope you get well soon.

Our second lover is our cover boy, Denzel Valentine, playing at home on Valentines Day. In his last three games, Valentine has played 23, 15, and 21 minutes.  I don’t think even Fred Hoiburg knows what rotation he’s going to use 10 minutes before the game, but if he has any sense of #NarrativeStreet, he’ll get Valentine all the run he wants.

Now, the haters….



Thomas Robinson and the Lakers take on Sacramento who drafted him fifth overall in 2012.  T Rob gets sporadic run, but I’m sure he would love to dish out some hate to the Kings on the court.  If not, he could just key their cars.

Derrick Williams, working toward the end of a 10 day contract with the Cavs, has been very productive so far in each game he’s played.  So productive in fact that LeBron has publicly stated he hopes they extend him.  Williams was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2011, and had two decently productive seasons before being traded away.  With the recent news of Kevin Love set to miss six weeks, I would bet Williams gets extra run tonight and very likely sticks with the Cavs for the rest of the year.  Channing Frye is expected to start for Love, but it’s a good bet that Williams sees 20+ minutes.  This is like a new girlfriend or boyfriend offering to drive you to throw a brick through an ex’s window, in that I can’t wait to watch.

Speaking of Minnesota / Cleveland, Andrew Wiggins gets another crack at the team who drafted him #1 and then sent him packing for Love (for love….)

Sorry, I couldn’t resist

Wiggins has cooled a bit recently, but has had some 40+ outings against the Cavs:

Credit to

Lastly, one more #hatehatehate narrative in play tonight.  Lance Stephenson, now in the midst of a 10 day contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, takes on his nemesis LeBron James.  This one might be more of a spurned lover narrative, at least from Lance’s end

Come on Lance, you know it’s true

While LeBron might be able to resist Lance’s passes, I don’t know if his wife will appreciate this on Valentines Day.



Enjoy the games everyone!  Especially if you have a significant other who loves the association like mine does (Ok, maybe she only likes looking at Kevin Love, but I can’t blame her).  As always, find us at @NBANarratives and let us know what we missed.


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