February 11th #NarrativeStreet

The NBA narrative game of the year might be taking place in Oklahoma City tonight, and we’ll touch on that later, but everyone’s going to be be aware of what’s going down in OKC. We’re a bunch of 80’s kids so naturally we’re going to start our drive down narrative street tonight in Charlotte where Kemba Walker gets his very own “Starting Lineup” night! If the OG figurine night wasn’t enough to get you excited, we get the home court bump (Walker has averaged 5 more DK points/game at home vs on the road in his career) and he’s facing the Clippers without CP3. The Clippers have been one of the worst defensive teams in the Association since the loss of their fearless shit talking leader, giving up some eye-popping fantasy performances to opposing point guards.

(Schroder – 38.5 DK pts, Sergio + TJ combined for 47 DK pts , Steph 66.8 & 56 DK, Bledsoe 55.5, IT2 44.5, Lowry 42.5, DRose 41.2)f9afc743-e01f-40d1-9e5e-a720eedcd7daChart courtesy of Statmuse.com http://statm.us/e/P4MzkLnW6

Coach revenge was a thing, we’ve pivoted to Coach #respect games however for the likes of mentors like POP and Brad Stevens.  Gordon Hayward has a lot of respect for his college coach, and typically brings his A-game – averaging 34 DK points against Stevens’ Celts with a 48 and 49 DK point performance in 9 games.  Shelvin Mack has also performed well when he’s got run against his college coach, averaging .8 DK points per minutes. (Mack posted 26 DK points in 30 minutes last February and 17 points in 26 minutes when they faced off in January)

Dion Waiters is exactly the type of gun slinger we want to target in narrative games. The Philly native is questionable to play tonight with a bum ankle, but Dion was running hot before going down with the ankle injury and he also posted 33 DK points in 33 minutes in a November tilt in Philly.

Lastly, we know all eyes are going to be on the OKC/GSW game tonight … even if KD didn’t land in Oakland we’d all be tuning in after last year’s epic game. There will be fireworks tonight for sure – we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the #nutsnarrative, also known as the #naturalsportsmovement narrative.


Revenge Games

Monta Ellis (Bucks @ Pacers)

Roy Hibbert (Bucks @ Packers)

Kevin Durant (Warriors @ Thunder)

Russell Westbrook (Russ vs The World)


(gif taken out of context, but we had to give our friends over at Slack.com a shoutout for the on-point giphy in our group chat)

NBA Promo Games

Kemba Walker Starting lineup (Clippers @ Hornets)

Reggie Miller Bobblehead (Bucks @ Pacers)

Mario Ellis Bobblehead (Suns @ Rockets)

NBA Birthday Games

Nikola Mirotic (not on slate)

Ben McLemore (not on slate)

As always, let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank you!


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