NBA Narratives – Feb 7th

Welcome to NBA Narratives for Tuesday, February 7th.

Last night we were treated to a very nice 11 game slate, featuring an OT thriller between the Cavs and Wizards, two of the top teams in the east.

Tonight, we only get three games.

On the plus side, there are plenty of narratives to go around!

NBA Birthdays:  Happy 28th Birthday to Isaiah Thomas (Boston edition)!  While Boston isn’t on the slate, it’s worth sharing that one of the nicknames listed on Basketball Reference is “Pizza Guy”?

Credit to

Also, happy 43rd birthday to the spicy Canadian, Steve Nash.


Hopefully he enjoys a few adult beverages to celebrate, preferably passed to him between moving vehicles.


Revenge Games:  We have four revenge games packed into tonight’s three game slate, and all but one are in play with so few games.

First, Jeremy Lin, who has been out with a hamstring injury for what seems like most of the season, sees his former teammates in Charlotte.  Lin is listed as “Out” already for this game.

Next, Ryan Anderson and Houston take on his former Orlando Magic team.  To call Ryan Anderson’s games inconsistent would be a gross understatement, but maybe this will give him a little extra motivation.

Next, Wesley Mathews, now a rotation player for Dallas, takes on his former team the Portland Trailblazers.

In the same game, Al-Faruq Aminu, now a member of Portland, takes on his former Dallas Mavericks squad.


As always, let us know what we missed or what you liked at @NBANarratives .

Enjoy the games everyone!



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