NBA Narratives – Feb 5th

Happy Sunday everybody!

Very small three game slate today, but as usual the NBA has a bit of drama in store for us.

Revenge Games:  Today, there are three #Revenge games to know about, one with a player, one with a coach, and one with a legend making his final curtain call.

First, Luis Scola and his current team Brooklyn host his former team the Toronto Raptors. Scola is at the tail end of his career, in very likely his final year of NBA play, and does not see much run.  No idea if he’ll see any run in this game, I would guess very little, but we’re here for the drama.

Second, Doc Rivers heads to Boston as the current coach of the LA Clippers.


For younger fans, Doc coached the Celtics when they formed the original “superteam”, winning the 2008 championship in the process.  Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were added to a middling Boston squad, vaulting them to the top of the league, and causing fallout that we still see today with the Cavs and Warriors in an arms race to stockpile talent.  Garnett and Allen were added to the team, pushing them over the top, but the Celtics already had one of the best pure scorers in the NBA in Paul Pierce.


Today, Pierce returns to the Garden for one final curtain call.  The Celtics have a very long list of superstar alumni, but for anyone under the age of about 35 who only saw Bird on his way out, Pierce was the best Celtic player of their generation.  I grew up a Cleveland fan, and hated Pierce because he was one of the few superstars who could not only get in LeBron’s head, but could shut him down for stretches and score seemingly at will on him. Pierce will be in the Hall of Fame soon, but today Boston gets one last chance to say goodbye to The Truth.  (insert political joke here)

Enjoy the games everybody!  And there’s supposedly a football game today as well, so enjoy that if you decide to give it a glance.


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