February 1rst #NarrativeStreet

Cas me outside, how bow dah?” – Lebron, essentially to Charles Barkley.

As we touched on yesterday, Lebron went HAM on TNT’s resident ham.  Well tonight, LBJ  gets to put his money where his mouth is, as his Cavs return home to face Minnesota in an #AngryLebron narrative.  Last Wednesday, I wrote about the #AngryLebron narrative (and used the same graphic – #resourceful) and The King messed around and got a triple double.  12 games on the slate, but it’s no surprise who I’ll be spending up on tonight.lebron

A little #Respek narrative in the same game, with Andrew Wiggins facing a Cleveland team that drafted him and promptly shipped him to Minnesota in exchange for Kevin Love and an NBA title.  The young Wolf has turned some solid performances in against the Cavs, averaging nearly 29 actual points per game against the wine and gold in his career.    Put some respect on his name, fam.

The battle of the Big Apple takes place in Brooklyn tonight, which means very little from an actual basketball standpoint but features a 221 over under and a 3 point spread, which is enough to make any DFS player say I Love New York.

Frank Vogel gets to coach against his former team – though doesn’t seem to be any bad blood here.  In fact, it looks to be the exact opposite.   #GoodBloodNarrative ? Better than a #TrueBloodNarrative I suppose.


It’s Bobblehead night in Dallas.  Can I interest you in a little Andrew Bogut?  No?  Anyone?  It this thing on?

Image result for andrew bogut bobblehead

No active players celebrating birthdays today, but a tip of the cap to Robert “Tractor” Traylor, who would have turned 40 today.  I say this in all sincerity – Tractor Traylor was an inspiration to husky kids everywhere in the 90’s hoping to play hoops.  Rest in Peace, Big Fella.

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