January 25th #NarrativeStreet

Sometimes my wife starts a sentence with the words “I just think it’s funny that…”

I know that no matter what follows that intro – she does not, in fact, think that thing is funny.  I know that it’s the beginning of a conversation that I’m not going to enjoy.  I know she’s angry.

Lebron James is kind of like my wife.  I love them both unconditionally.  They both are incredibly talented.  They both had some nights in South Beach before we got serious that I pretend never happened.

A ring changes things, for both Lebron and my wife.  Wipes the slate clean.  So yesterday, when Lebron tweeted out “I’m not mad but…”, I knew it didn’t matter what came next.  Lebron is angry.  And #AngryLebron against the Kings is about as good of a narrative as I can think of.


One of the things Lebron is most angry about is the roster being top-heavy.  In his view, the lack of a solid backup point guard is really hampering the second unit as the World Champion Cavaliers didn’t match Matthew Dellavedova’s offer in the off-season.  Big loss.

Speaking of Delly… It’s #BobbleHeadNight in Milwaukee!  #Segway

Not to be outdone, JJ Barea gets to enjoy a bobblehead night of his own in Dallas as the Mavs host the Knicks.

The Nets face Miami tonight in Brooklyn, and will be hosting the NBA’s first ever Pride Sock Night celebrating diversity and inclusion.  Not sure what narratives can come from this, but hat tip to the Nets for running such a solid promotion.  Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way…


Revenge spot for Ersan Ilyasova and Vince Carter who both spent their first seven season’s playing for the Bucks and Raptors respectively.

And finally, Steph Curry returns to the Charlotte area where he grew up to face Kemba and the Hornets.  Welcome home, little fella.

That’s all she wrote from #NarrativeStreet today – follow us on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed and best of luck tonight!


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