Congrats Universe you have made Sam Dekker your #narrativestreet cover boy with James Harden and Russell Westbrook on the slate (author ducks).

Mr. Samuel Dekker gets his first crack against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight Bradley Center in the double #narrative. The Sheboygan born and Wisconsin Badger alum is coming off a 30 actual point performance against the defensive minded Memphis Grizzlies. Let’s will the Dekker to a #narrativestreet special 50 burger. (See what Sheboygan means to Dekker in his own words)

Other notes — the Beard versus Point Giannis. Roster accordingly.

Revenge Games

Arron Afflalo (Sacramento @ Detroit) — AA travels to Motown to take on his former team. Probably the most boring player in history to consider for DFS, but hey, we have to report it.

Michael Beasley (Houston @ Milwaukee) — MB has been to the NBA lottery, the end of the bench and to China, but he is getting some run, albeit unpredictable due to the WOAT coach Jason Kidd, but this is a revenge spot.

Enes Kanter (Oklahoma City @ Utah) — The Sultan (my nickname for the Turkish big man) takes on the Jazz who drafted him but sent him packing. It’s tough to predict Enes’ minutes and production against his former team but the #narrative is there:


As always, let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank You!!


3 thoughts on “January 23rd #NARRATIVESTREET

  1. Great work as always. I’m just curious as to which site you used to get the game logs for Enes Kanter. It would be really helpful to know where I could perform a search like you did in the picture above. Thanks.


  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I checked out that site and it is indeed a wonderful resource. It should really help with my daily research. I really appreciate the tip. Thanks again 🙂


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