January 18th #NarrativeStreet

Most Wednesday nights, I go to bed early and wake up fresh for work the next day.  This will not be one of those nights.

Russell and his Thunder travel to the Oracle to face a Warriors team who are fresh off a beat down of the Cavaliers.  Earlier this year, Russ went for a pedestrian 20-6-10 vs Draymond’s goon squad and tonight’s 13 point spread could lead to some 4th quarter rest for the starters.  With that said, fade at your own risk.


Toronto’s on a back to back, but with Kyle Lowry resting last night, we could get his fresh legs against the 76ers, which is never  a bad thing.

The Celtics are 7-1 over the last 8 games, and Isiah Thomas is a huge part of that.  Since returning from a groin sprain, IT2 is averaging 31.6 PPG and has torched the Knicks twice this year for 29 and 27 real life points.


Tonight in Houston, the first 10,000 fans will get a Ralph Samson starting lineup figurine.  I’d imagine most of our readers are too young to remember Ralph Sampson (and probably Starting Lineup Figures too…),  but the guy was a collegiate freak.  7 footer, 3 time College Player of the Year and drafted first overall by the Houston Rockets.

Enjoy this monster.

Tim Hardaway Jr. played his college ball at Michigan, and his Hawks play in Detroit tonight.  Some potential #OldFlameCollegeBootyInTheStandsNarrative action. It’s a thing at UM.


Portland travels to Charlotte, and Nick Batum gets to face off with his former Blazer teammates.  Batum is averaging close to 40 MPG against his old squad this year and has averaged an 18/5/7 line.  #RevengeStreet

A few other revenge spots tonight:  Obviously Durant, but don’t forget about Jason Terry, Ty Lawson and Michael Beasley if you’re into playing people that are not very good at basketball.

Not on the slate, but happy birthday to Gorgui Dieng today!

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