Six game slate tonight with two TNT nationally televised games, the first of which has some definite narrative. Let’s get to it.

Live look-in of the New York Knicks organization:


This team is a total mess, but they do get a spotlight game on TNT in Madison Square Garden. Additionally, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah get their former Bulls team in a desperation spot. We do have some history to draw from earlier this season. On November 4th, the Knicks played in Chicago for Rose and Noah’s first game back to the Windy City since signing with the Knicks in the off-season. Both played well with very solid stat lines:


The game has #revenge narrative for the Bulls as Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant return to MSG where they played last season. Could be some elevated stat stuffing from these two as well. Note: the Knicks lost at the buzzer to the 76ers so they are in a back-to-back situation. Carmelo played 36 minutes while D-Rose logged 31.

The second TNT game gives us the Detroit Pistons traveling to Oracle to take on the Golden State Warriors in another “Splash Towel Giveaway”. Not sure of the #narrative bearing on this type of promo, but it’s worth noting the 3-ball was working for Kevin Durant ( 7 for 11)and Klay Thompson (4 for 8) that night. Steph Curry was a little off as just 2 for 6 from downtown. Sometimes you find the #narratives, they don’t find you.


Revenge Games

Tyson Chandler (Phoenix) — takes on his former team, the Dallas Mavericks

Noah, Rose, Lopez, Grant (mentioned above)


None for current players, but shout out to one of my childhood favorites, Dominque Wilkins, who turns 57 today. Anytime your nickname is “The Human Highlight Film” you’re getting a .gif in your honor:



As always, let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank you!


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