For an eight-game slate, it’s pretty quiet on the street tonight, so we’ll dive into a couple of spots for selected games and then set our lineups to ultimately ship all the gpp’s. Let’s get to it:

Cleveland @ Brooklyn

Sean Kilpatrick (Bkln) — Happy Birthday to this young talent with plenty of DFS upside

Anthony Bennett (Bkln) — Former #1 pick of the Cavs gets his former team tonight

Richard Jefferson (Cavs) — Played for the Nets from 2001-2008. I realize this is a massive stretch of a revenge game since he’s played for six teams since his stint in New Jersey, but wanted to note it

New York @ Milwaukee

Brandon Jennings (Mil) — takes on his former team the Knickerbockers

Giannis (Mil) — no need for the last name as this DFS superhuman is at home versus a team he just hit the game winner at the buzzer two days ago


Miami @ Los Angeles (Lakers)

Luol Deng (Los) — Spent the past two seasons with the Heat before signing with the Lake Show

Nick Young (Los) — something to note, Swaggy P has really played well since being thrust into the starting lineup. Exhibit A:


Los Angeles Clippers @ Sacramento

Darren Collison (Sac) – gets a revenge game against his former team.


Will Barton (Denver) — not on slate

Pat Connaughton (Portland) — not on slate

As always, let us know what we missed @nbanarratives — Thank You!


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