NBA Narratives – January 31st, 2017

Welcome to NBA Narratives for Tuesday, January 31st. Before we get to tonight’s narratives, if you missed this story from late last night / early this morning, LeBron and Charles Barkley might not be invited to each other’s birthday parties anymore.  File this under the #Beef narrative…. (Via “I’m not going to let […]

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Monday gives us six-game slate with our featured #narrative being LeBron and Kyrie going at it alone without the services of their third amigo, Kevin Love, who is out with back spasms. For purposes of DFS, it is only a five-game slate as the Kings-76ers game isn’t included since it’s a makeup game. Irving and […]

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January 28th #NarrativeStreet

Friday night was a wild ride down narrative street – some of us may still be recovering this morning. Saturday’s 7-game slate slows down for a more leisurely stroll down narrative lane. The Association treats us to a jersey night in Milwaukee, a couple of birthday games, a sprinkle of revenge and some all-star snub […]

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January 27th #RondoStreet

The Chicago Bulls host the Miami Heat tonight – in any other professional sports league, Dwayne Wade, a 3-time NBA champion, 12-time All-Star who spent his entire career in Miami before his move to Chicago in the offseason, would be a lock for narrative street’s cover boy of the day. The first time he hosted […]

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For daily fantasy purposes, an angry and extra motivated Russell Westbrook playing on national television (8:00 p.m. est on TNT) is simply the best. The Dallas Mavericks, in an already tough spot playing in a road back-to-back, travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder. The motivation for Russ stems from comments made in 2015 […]

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January 25th #NarrativeStreet

Sometimes my wife starts a sentence with the words “I just think it’s funny that…” I know that no matter what follows that intro – she does not, in fact, think that thing is funny.  I know that it’s the beginning of a conversation that I’m not going to enjoy.  I know she’s angry. Lebron […]

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Woof! We won’t be taking a drive down narrative street today, rather we’ll be taking our dog on a short walk. Six game slate in the Association tonight; however, we’re not finding many narratives of note early in the day. A day without birthdays, bobbleheads and homecomings is a quite day on the street. Walking […]

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