December 23rd #NarrativeStreet

Huge Friday night slate in the Association!  We’re running late today & we’ll miss a narrative or two – but that’s okay, it’s Festivus – @ us on Twitter and air your grievances!

Draymond gets the cover boy nod as he’s driving us down narrative street today with the double narrative game. Dray welcomed his first son Draymond Jr. into the world yesterday and got us all teary-eyed like he just kicked us in the nuts …


In addition to his “baby game”, Draymond also gets a homecoming game – he was raised in Saginaw and went to college at MSU in East Lansing

We’re going to take you down the rest of narrative street with bullet points today so we can get this out before tip!

Revenge Games

LaMarcus Aldridge (Spurs @ Blazers) – Pop limited LMA to just 23 minutes last night, stating they’d need him tonight w/ Parker & Pau sitting for rest

Joe Harris (Nets @ Cavs)

Anthony Bennett (Nets @ Cavs) – Booker may sit, if AB gets a revenge start – look out! In his last narrative game we wrote up, he went for 8/10 & 26 DK points in his Toronto homecoming


Other than that – a lot of rest and injuries today, going to be a wild slate.

Follow us on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed!


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