December 17th #NarrativeStreet

Following a wild Friday night on Narrative Street, Saturday night in the Association brings us another stellar slate led by Melo returning to Denver in a game he calls “a must win for the Knicks”. Melo typically doesn’t disappoint when facing his former squad, dropping a 50 burger in their last matchup. On the other side, Danilo Gallinari, who is coming off a 27 point game, was a lottery pick by the Knicks and a key piece in the Melo deal will also be seeking revenge.

Melo’s DK Game log vs Nuggets via Statmuse ->

If the double revenge narrative of “revenge” + “guy I was traded for” doesn’t do it for you, we also get Wilson Chandler revenge. This Knicks/Nuggets tilt also brings us a first in the history of narratives, for the 2nd consecutive night, Brother’s will do battle, making three Brother v. Brother matchups in two days as the Hernangomez Brothers will go at it for the first time in the Association. (Hernangomez Brothers Set for First NBA Showdown)

Revenge Games

Melo & Gallinari (Knicks @ Nuggets)

Wilson Chandler (Knicks @ Nuggets)

Marvin Williams (Hornets @ Hawks)

Rodney Stuckey (Pacers @ Pistons)

Timofey Mozgov (Lakers @ Cavs)

Homecoming Games

Larry Nance Jr. returns home, similar to The King, Nance was born in Akron, Ohio and attended high school at Revere High in nearby Richfield. Richfield, home of the late Richfield Coliseum, where his father was an All-Star dunking machine for the Cavs and his No. 22 hangs retired in the banners at the Q. (note – Nance was a 3-time All-Star, his final All-Star season came in 1993 with the Cavs, the year Larry Jr. was born #babynarrative).


Nance Jr.’s Coach, Luke Walton also played for the Cavs, playing his final season in Cleveland in 2012-13.

Quick story on Richfield Coliseum…  One of my favorite personal memories from a live sporting event occurred during a game at the Coliseum in the mid-90’s. We all grew up as fans of Michael Jordan and the Bulls, although I grew up about 3 hours south of Cleveland and naturally the Cavs became my “home team”. I have many great memories of attending games there with my Dad, the Cavs led by Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance & “Hot Rod” Williams were fun – I mean, without those Cavs, we would have never had “The Shot” by MJ!


Anyways, back to the story… as mentioned, the Cavs had many personalities beloved by fans in Northeast Ohio, one player on those teams was not so loved hated. Cleveland sports fans can tell some of the most notoriously painful stories in sports (see above gif for reference), one of those stories is a “what if” story involving the trade of Ron Harper for Danny Ferry. Harper, the 8th overall pick by the Cavs in 1986 was an instant star, averaging 23 points/game his rookie season and finishing runner-up for Rookie of the Year. Yet, as the Cleveland jinx would tell it, almost inexplicably, Harper was dealt in early ’89 along with two 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick to the Clippers in exchange for Danny Ferry (and Reggie Williams). Ferry, was drafted #2 overall by LA the year prior, however, the prima donna refused to play for the Clippers and choose to play in Italy instead until his rights were dealt. Ferry would go one to have a very pedestrian 10 year career with the Cavs, never averaging more than 13.3 points/game and only averaging double digits in scoring twice in his career. While one of those first round draft picks, Loy Vaught, would have a far better 13 year career, averaging 16/10 over the course of 4 seasons during his prime, not to mention Harper would go on to have a stellar 15 year career in which he’d win 5 NBA championships.

“I think we would have won more than one ring in Cleveland” – Ron Harper 

Needless to say, by the mid-90’s most of Cleveland’s faithful had pinned Danny Ferry as another tangible part of the curse of Cleveland. During this game that my Dad took me to at the Richfield Coliseum… Ferry got into a scuffle with an opposing player, the ref T’d up Ferry instead of the opposing player, Ferry fired back and got ejected. Normally, this would be a scene where the home crowd would boo the ref, maybe even throw things on the court – it was a bad call.

Not in Cleveland, not for Danny Ferry… upon his ejection, the home crowd started cheering and gave a the ref a standing ovation while the PA announcer simultaneously starting blaring “Hit the road, Jack…and don’t you come back ..”  #GreatMomentsInClevelandSports

NBA Birthday Games

Buddy Hield (not on slate) – We’re not sure what the Bahamian Chavano Rainier “Buddy” Heild’s Gram life is like, might be worth inspecting before rostering the youngster tomorrow, potential #hangovernarrative looming.

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