December 14th #NarrativeStreet

Happy Cavs Day!

With The Big Three not making the trip to Memphis, the value train Narrative is in full swing tonight.  Lots of questions to be answered here to identify the best plays…

-Can Channing Frye create his own shot?

-Will Marc Gasol stifle Tristan Thompson?

-Will Jordan McRae get worthwhile minutes?

-Will JR lay the pipe?


Quite a few revenge spots tonight, including JJ Reddick, Jeff Green, Jeremy Lin, Ty Lawson, Enes Kanter and David Lee.


Nicholas Batum celebrates a birthday tonight in his match up against the Wizards, as does Philly’s Robert Covington.

Speaking of Philly… Kyle Lowry, a Philadelphia native, travels home to face the lowly 76ers tonight.  #HomecomingNarrative

Feeling lucky narrative – Figure out Brooklyn vs the Lakers (228 o/u with a 1 point spread).


Good luck tonight, and follow us on twitter @NBANARRATIVES to tell us what we missed!


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