NBA Narratives – December 11th, 2016

Happy Sunday everyone!

Only a 5 game slate in the NBA today, soon enough though the NFL regular season will be over (mercifully for Browns fans like me) and we’ll have full Sunday slates.  Can’t wait.

As for today:

Birthdays:  Happy Birthday to Roy Hibbert and Malcolm Brogdon (both inactive today).  Also happy birthday to Shareef Abdur-Raheem, who would have been loved had DFS been around back when he played.  OG stat-stuffer on a bad team.


Revenge:  Couple of revenge narratives on the slate for tonight.  First, Irsan Ilyasova goes on the road to take on his former team the Detroit Pistons.  With Process already ruled out, Ilyasova could see a few extra minutes against his former team as well.

Next, Jose Calderon has his old team coming to LA.  However with the possible return of Deangelo Russell, and the fact that Calderon is injured and already ruled out, this one isn’t in play.

If Dray didn’t always have his mouth open he would suffocate

Last “revenge” narrative might be a bit of a stretch, but Golden State got ran off the floor by the Memphis Grizzlies last night.  The most any regular starter played was 31 minutes, with Dray only playing 26.  Tonight they travel to Minnesota to take on the T-Wolves, and will be well-rested for the 2nd night of a B2B and also looking to make people forget the 21 point loss from Saturday night.


LOVERS QUARRELL:  A special narrative, that really doesn’t have much to do with anything but I like to pretend it does…  Phil Jackson and his posse of Knicks go to Los Angeles to take on his girlfriend Jeanie Buss, co-owner of the Lakers.  Maybe Jeanie will show him how to do the water bottle flip challenge.

Hahaha, gross


As always, let us know what we missed at @NbaNarratives!  Enjoy the day in the association everyone.




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