December 9th #NarrativeStreet

December 9th is a good day to be born if you aspire to play in The Association. 5 active NBA players share a birthday today, highlighted by Eric Bledsoe. The birthday boy gets a prime-time matchup against the Lakeshow in LA. Bledsoe didn’t fare well against the Lakers earlier in the year and has had back to back down games, however, prior to the last two, he posted 50+ DK points in 4 of 6 games, including a 60-burger against Denver. Last year Birthday Boy Bledsoe went for 42.8 DK points with a 21/9/3/2/1 line against the Magic on his Nameday.


If you’re not digging Bledsoe, there are two other guards in a game in Oklahoma City that will get a little bit of attention today. Harden returns in what we can only hope will be an epic battle in a mano-a-mano tilt for 2016-17 MVP of The Association. The only way this matchup could be more entertaining is if they let Westy and Harden just go at it 1-on-1 for 48 minutes.


Revenge Games

James Harden (Rockets @ Thunder) — Yes – Harden used to play for the Thunder, but it doesn’t even matter in this matchup, Harden is bringing his A-Game vs Westy.

Lebron James, James Jones, Chris Andersen (Heat @ Cavs) — It’s not as exciting without Wade and Bosh in a Heat uni, and it will be tough for a depleted Miami squad to keep this game close, but after a cold stretch, the Cavs are heating up, Lebron with another statement game is certainly in the range of outcomes.

Monta Ellis (Pacers @ Mavs) — This is as gross as it gets as Monta is as cold as it gets posting game totals of 11, 15, 22, 8, 19 DK points in his last 5. As a result, his price is down to $4,100 and he brings his A-Game when he plays his former squad posting games of 33, 40 and 43 DK points in 3 matchups since with the Pacers. The 43 point game happened to be the first game of the season, which also happens to be Monta’s best game thus far in the ’16-17 campaign.b5f5dd10-d4af-4794-901d-90982cc49342

Bismack Biyombo (Magic @ Hornets) — Bis says it’s just “a business trip”, but in that same interview, also said “one thing is that I’m thankful that they gave me an opportunity to be a part of the NBA.”

Amir Johnson (Raptors @ Celtics) — A far better option than the next guy on this list in our opinion, but be warned, Amir got just 5 minutes of run against Houston a few days ago.

Arron Afflalo (Knicks @ Kings) — If you’re the type that likes min. salary punts, spice it up tonight with a little revenge sauce.

Dion Waiters (Heat @ Cavs) — It’s unfortunate that Waiters won’t suit up for this one, he’d be a lock for 25+ shots.

Jared Sullinger (Raptors @ Celtics) — The big man hasn’t suited up all year, tonight won’t be an exception.


Eric Bledsoe — (Suns @ Lakers)

Aron Baynes — (Pistons @ Timberwolves)

Langston Galloway — (not on slate)

Gerald Henderson — (not on slate)

Kelly Oubre — (not on slate)


Toronto, Minnesota

Let us know what we missed at @nbanarratives — thank you!



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