December 7th #NarrativeStreet

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide which narrative to lead with when writing these posts every day.

Today is not one of those days.

In an ESPN interview with Jackie MacMullen in November, Knicks President Phil Jackson referred to Lebron James’ business partners as his “posse”.  Lebron took offense to what he deemed a racially loaded term, and said that he lost all respect for Jackson, an NBA legend.

In the wake of the news cycle, not only did Big Philly not retract his choice of words or issue an apology… he decided to take the lowest road possible and send out cryptic tweets to convince himself that he had done no wrong.


It’s like I tell my son… you might not mean to offend someone, but if you do – own up to it, be a man, and make it right.

My son is 3, and when I tell him things like that, he usually looks at me like I’m an alien.

Phil Jackson, however, is not a toddler and should have recognized his error.  He didn’t and that brings us to tonight’s match up in Madison Square Garden, a venue that might as well be renamed “King James Palace, as Lebron averages 28/7/7/2/1 over his career in the iconic venue.

Give me all the Lebron.  And then give me some more.


A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…. The Brooklyn Nets were a competitive basketball team.  Now, they occupy the basement of the Eastern Conference and have lost 9 of their last 10 games.  While their basketball talent is clearly lacking, their Marketing Department is ON POINT, as tonight is Brook Lopez Starwars Bobblehead Night.

When it comes to the basketball, Han Solo has some pretty sound advice for the Nets… “Let him have it.  It’s not wise to upset a Wookie”.


A couple of injuries to watch in revenge game spots with JR Smith and Seth Curry.  Both are a little hobbled but facing their former teams.

Golden State travels down the coast to face the Clippers, and there’s a little “Big Brother” narrative going on here…  The last time these two teams met was an exhibition game where the Warriors ran the ClipShow off the floor in a 45 point drubbing.  Clipper coach Doc Rivers said after the game that Golden State approached the game like it was the post season, where his Clippers treated the game like a glorified scrimmage.  Or in other words, he poked the bear.


*Nerd Narrative Alert* – The Indiana Pacers shoot 45.5% from the floor, one of the best in the league, while the Phoenix Suns allow opponents to shoot 46.4% from the floor, which is one of the worst in the league.  #Stats

No notable birthdays in the Association tonight, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish a Happy Birthday to one of my all-time favorite NBA Mega Stars, Larry Bird.  Here’s to you, Larry Legend.


Follow us on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed and best of luck tonight!


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