Tonight is about one man, a world champion, olympian, the feature subject of an upcoming Hollywood production… no, we’re not talking about King James starring in the new Space Jam, driving us down narrative street tonight is Matthew Dellavedova in his “revenge game” against the Cavs. We say “revenge” loosely, as Delly loved Cleveland and Cleveland loved him, we fully expect the Aussie to bring his a-game to show off to his former mates.

Delly made it known he didn’t want to leave Cleveland, however, he did get rewarded with a $38 million dollar deal & will be the star of an upcoming movie! (Delly goes to Hollywood)

‘I wanted to try to put some roots down, but it didn’t work out’

Here’s to all the Delly Treys tonight!


Revenge Games — Matthew Dellavedova (Cavs @ Bucks)

Birthdays — Julius Randle (Lakers @ Pelicans)

Let us know what we missed by tweeting us @NBANarratives!


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