November 26th #NarrativeStreet

It’s #OhioStateMichigan day – better known as #TheGame to millions across the country. What does a college football game have to do with the NBA you ask? This narrative street runs deep, this rivalry, arguable the greatest in sports carries a deep nostalgia for generations of players, coaches, alumni and fans.

This year’s variation of The Game carries extra significance as both teams come into the tilt at 10-1 and ranked #2 & #3 in the country, with the winner most likely receiving a birth in the BCS playoffs. Every former Buckeye and every former Wolverine will be tuning into the game today, including Trey Burke and Mike Conley who play on tonight’s slate.

Conley, who didn’t start last night and only played 22 minutes as a part of the Grizzlies’ “maintenance program”, should get full run tonight and he’s driving our bus down Narrative Street today! Mike Conley, Buckeye, is going to shine tonight, regardless of the outcome of the football game this afternoon.

You may doubt this if you didn’t attend Michigan, or The Ohio State University, however, we guarantee that Mike Conley will be playing inspired and bringing a little extra when laces them up in Miami tonight. We’d tout this as a next-level sharp take, but anyone who understands the Ohio State & Michigan rivalry will understand that Conley is a lock to bring his A-game on this rivalry Saturday.

The last time the football teams from Ohio State and Michigan went into The Game with so much riding on the outcome for both squads was 2006, when both schools came in undefeated, ranked #1, #2. The Buckeyes won that “the game of the century” 42-39, before falling to Florida in the national championship game. Mike Conley, was a freshman at Ohio State, whom along with Greg Oden, would lead the Buckeye’s basketball team to a Big Ten Championship that same year, before also dropping a national title game to Florida. 10 years later, owner of the richest contract in the Association, we can’t help but think Conley is grateful for that fateful decision to attend The Ohio State University with his buddy Greg… and we’ll get to indirectly witness his gratitude on the court tonight with a Buckeye tribute game.

Conley is Coach Fizdale’s guy (their first meeting came in Columbus, Ohio), he’s going to let him shine tonight, whether in celebration or revenge driven, we’re all-in on Conley and #TheGame narrative.

Other news of note –  two of the five games tonight are home & away back to back rematches as the Grizzlies & Heat both travel from Memphis to Miami after the Heat upset the Grizz last night and the Knicks & Hornets travel from NY to Charlotte following Melo’s OT winner to propel the Knicks to a 113-111 victory.


Avery Bradley, who celebrates his 26th birthday today, isn’t on the slate.

Follow up on twitter @NBANarratives to let us know what we missed!


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