Russell Westbrook returns to LA, we’ve been down this narrative street before. Russ was raised in LA, staring at Leuzinger high before attending UCLA.  He’s put up big numbers in his homecoming games at the Staples Center in the past, and he recently hung a trip dub en route to nearly 80 DK points when the Lakers came to Oklahoma City a few weeks ago. We could go on, but for us, Russ in LA vs the Lakeshow in a 221 game total with a 3 point spread = #allin

With all eyes on the west coast hammer game, don’t overlook history in the making in NYC as 2/3rds of the Plumlee brother’s do battle. Three brother’s playing in the NBA at the same time is historic, let’s just hope Marshall can make it to the game.


Birthday Games

Tarik Black (Thunder @ Lakers)

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