November 19th #NarrativeStreet

We’ll never claim to be perfect, (we also work for retweets & likes) and we missed a strong narrative yesterday. It’s likely none of you would have listened anyways as the young buck had yet to see any significant run, but Alan Williams crushed the New York Times narrative and no one noticed.  Alan and his mother, the new police chief of Phoenix, were featured in this NYT article on the 17th – he had his breakout game, a 15 / 15 performance the very next day. Follow us down narrative street or not, if Chandler is out again tonight (attended Mother’s funeral yesterday – possible he doesn’t make trip to Philly), there is a good chance Williams gets additional run against the big bodies in Philly. Hell, 50/50 that Len picks up 2 quick fouls attempting to slow The Process.

We’ll be honest, Alan Williams just jumped on our radar last night, but there is a lot to like here. Hustle player, should stuff stat sheet, coach’s love him, and he’s a producer, 17/10 in college and 20.8/15.4 in China last year!

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, his nickname, “Big Sauce”.  #TooMuchSauce – this is the stuff DFS legends are made of.


In other news, Jamal Crawford was drafted by the Cavs and traded to the Bulls on draft night. The Cavs shipped him and cash for Chris Mihm in 2000. Crawford had a good run in Chicago before being dealt to NY in 2005. He dropped 26 real life points last time he faced the bulls.


The only other revenge game we caught was Zaza vs the Bucks, Zaza spent the ’04-05 season with Milwaukee.

Birthday Games
Justin Anderson (Mavs @ Magic) – If you want a piece of the grossest offense in the Association right now, take a shot.

Kenneth Faried Den (not on slate) – The guy’s nickname is “The Manimal” – although not on today’s slate, we highly recommend fading Faried tomorrow as he heads down #hangover #narrativestreet


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