Thursday gives us a five-game slate with probably the worst TNT televised two games ever — Philadelphia @ Minnesota for the 8:00 p.m. est tip followed by Chicago @ Utah for the 10:30 est night-cap. Wow. Wedged in between that is a Portland / Houston game with a 220 total but sure let’s not get that one on television. Nah waive.

We do have one true revenge game narrative — Markieff Morris, power forward for the Washington Wizards, versus Jeff Hornacek, coach of the Knicks. Back when both were with the Phoenix Suns, things got a little tense between these two which ultimately led to Markieff being shipped out-of-town to the Wizards. The timeline:

12/6/2015 — Markieff receives the dreaded DNP-CD while fully healthy


12/23/2015 — Markieff, pissed about being taken out of a close game, throws a towel at Hornacek which resulted in a suspension from the Association

Things got so hot between these two, Kieff’s brother got in Hornacek’s face shortly after…


Both teams are on a back-to-back, but expect Markieff to play angry and wanting to show up his former boss.

Team Scenarios:

Washington — Back-To-Back

New York — Road Back-To-Back

Milwaukee — Road Back-To-Back

Philadelphia — Road Back-To-Back

NBA Birthdays 

Happy 19th to Sun’s rookie Dragan Bender!  Not on today’s slate – we highly recommend fading the Croatian teenager tomorrow.


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