November 16th #NarrativeStreet

Harden vs. Westbrook.

I thought about just writing that and calling it a day.  Narratives, be damned… this will be must see TV.  The two most exciting players in the league, and former back court mates, going head to head in Oklahoma City.  Hell yes.

On a more serious note, Tyson Chandler returns tonight after the death of his mother, who fought a courageous battle against colon cancer.  Her son was by her side through the entire fight.  “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity had I not been here (with Phoenix),” Chandler said. “I got my last hug, last kiss because I play for the Suns.”  Show out for moms, big fella.


No birthdays to celebrate for active players, but happy day to Amare Stoudemire who I just learned was the Executive Producer on the movie Trainwreck staring Lebron James.


A few other narratives of note:

Markeiff Morris returns to his hometown of Philadelphia.  Former Cavalier CJ Miles will square off against his old team.  Brandon Jennings will host his former Piston running mates in the Big Apple.


Finally, Jason Terry returns to Atlanta, where he was drafted in the same year that color television was invented. Because he’old.


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