Narrative of the day

Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and their new super team return to Chicago tonight in what should be a fast pace competitive game. Chicago fans may be jovial and welcoming, riding the Cubbies euphoria, while some may still be on benders from Wednesday night’s celebration.


Out west in the hammer game, Luke Walton hosts his former team, the real super team. Luke and his Lakers played the Warriors tough a few weeks ago in a preseason tilt, granted it was pre-season, the starters got full run with the big 4 all getting 30 or more minutes. An 11 point spread may keep some off this game tonight in fear of blowout… we’re banking on “coach narrative”, combined with Warriors on 2nd night of a back-to-back, keeps this game close for fantasy gold. In particular, we’re eyeing Nance, DAR, Randle, Curry, … play everyone.

Revenge Games

Wesley Matthews – (Blazers @ Mavs) WesMatt says “he doesn’t care” who they are playing, but he’s “a lot ticked off”… an 0-4 start and dinged up backcourt makes, puts WesMatt and the Mavs in an early game they feel is a must win.

Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah – (Knicks @ Bulls) As puts it, it should be “an interesting homecoming”

Robin Lopez (Knicks @ Bulls) On the other side of the matchup above, RoLo faces his ’15-16 Knicks teammates.

Al-Farouq Aminu – (Blazers @ Mavs) Aminu spent the ’14-15 season in Dallas before signing in Portland.

Boris Diaw – (Spurs @ Jazz) May not play

George Hill (Spurs @ Jazz) Maybe our favorite under the radar narrative of the night. Hill is on fire, averaging 21.4/4.6/3, capitalizing on increased usage with Hayward on the mend.  Pop drafted Hill in the first round in 2008 and Hill clearly wants to impress his former coach ; he also dropped 38.5 DK points and 22 real life points in there recent matchup.

“I just told him I love him, like always,” Hill said. “Pop is one of the best people that has ever come into my life. I just asked him how life is going and see how he’s doing, then tell him I love him, then I’ll see you later.”

– Hill on his embrace with Pop following the Jazz win in San Antonio on 11/1

As always, if we missed anything, hit us up on the Twitter machine and let us know @nbanarratives


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