Tonight is about one man, a world champion, olympian, the feature subject of an upcoming Hollywood production… no, we’re not talking about King James starring in the new Space Jam, driving us down narrative street tonight is Matthew Dellavedova in his “revenge game” against the Cavs. We say “revenge” loosely, as Delly loved Cleveland and […]

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This evening we have ourselves a very solid Monday slate in the Association with a Kentucky blue painted bus driving us down #narrativestreet tonight. Three of the seven games tonight feature Kentucky vs. Kentucky stars that in the past have proven to drive a little extra motivation for each to put up inflated stats — […]

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November 23rd #NarrativeStreet

Wednesday night means basketball night, just in time for Thanksgiving.  13 games are all that stand in our way of a day of gluttony.  Make sure to avoid the TURKEYS and roster guys who will be STUFFING the stat sheet!  Extra credit for cranBURYing three pointers and putting the BISCUIT in the basket!   I’ll […]

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  Russell Westbrook returns to LA, we’ve been down this narrative street before. Russ was raised in LA, staring at Leuzinger high before attending UCLA.  He’s put up big numbers in his homecoming games at the Staples Center in the past, and he recently hung a trip dub en route to nearly 80 DK points when […]

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#WeThePissedOffNorth. Toronto is pissed. Last night in the Association, a Terrence Ross three-pointer at the buzzer to tie the game was waived off when the refs ruled the game clock started late. T-Ross’s trey would have forced overtime, but instead the Kings were awarded with a 102-99 victory over the Raptors. To get the full vibe of […]

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