October 26th #NarrativeStreet

Wednesday Night in the Association!  Picking between Russell Westbrooke and James Harden tonight is going to be like choosing between a 2-seamer and a slider from Cory Kluber.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but I wanted to work in a Kluber reference because he’s freaking awesome.  #RallyTogether


Don’t look now but Steph Curry and the Super-Warriors have lost 4 games in a row.  I’m not saying that team can’t win without Luke Walton, but…

Speaking of Luke Walton, a 10 game slate is staring us in the face tonight, with a late night hammer Houston v Lake Show matchup that will likely swing the scales.  Byron Scott’s left town (and pins it on Jerry Buss) but the real reason could be his resistance to play D’Angelo Russell.  With Coach Scott gone, along with The Black Hole Mamba, the door is open for the DAR Era to begin.  Ladies of Los Angeles beware.


All jokes aside, the New Orleans Pelicans tragically lost Bryce Dejean-Jones in the off season and will be honoring their fallen teammate by wearing a BDJ shirts to warm up.  Ask Dee Gordon if this narrative is real… http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/0/v1189166883/nym-mia-gordon-leads-the-game-off-with-a-solo-homer


The only notable birthday game is Monta Ellis who plays at home against the Mavs.


coming soon…


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