October 25th #NarrativeStreet

Narrative of the Day

It’s opening night in the Association – that’s enough narrative for everyone on the slate to bring their “A-Game”. When you combine opening night with a ring ceremony in Cleveland and a superstar’s debut on a super team that’s not celebrating a ring ceremony at the Oracle, well in the words of the great Cosmo Kramer…. Giddy-up!


In addition to Lebron and crew raising the first championship banner in Cleveland in over a half-century – it’s no secret the King & Melo share a friendship – and have often posted big numbers against each other.  Last time they faced off in March, LBJ posted his 3rd triple double of the ’15-’16 season & Melo went for 28/9 with a couple steals. If you’re a fan of YouTube highlight videos – hit up the link.

Later in the hammer game, Kevin Durant will make his debut for the Warriors as the Spurs come to town. Durant is a fine play as Kerr and Curry should get the ball to KD early and often to establish him.  The over-looked narrative in this matchup however, is Kawhi vs KD. In 8 games facing KD last year, Kawhi saw a 5% uptick in usage (30.7% in 8 games vs  25.9% on the year per StatMuse) leading to averaging nearly 25 points, 7.4 boards, 3.1 assists, 2.6 steals and nearly 1 block per game. We’re buying the “I’m going to prove I belong on the same short list as KD & LBJ as best small forwards in the league” narrative.

NBA Homecomings

A little over 2 years ago King James told us all he was coming home, claiming that was most important thing to him was “bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.”  Lebron brought that trophy back home in June,  tonight, the King, his teammates, and more than 1,000 Cavs’ employees will accept their championship rings. In his “coming home” piece, Lebron mentioned the city’s passion can be overwhelming…but it drives him.

Celebrating the city’s first championship in over 50 years will undoubtedly have the citizens of Cleveland showing unprecedented levels of passion and energy in the Q … when you add to the mix that just moments after opening tip, the Indians will be throwing out the opening pitch of the World Series right across the street – you’re talking about a moment unrivaled in modern sports history.

This is what the King lives for, this is what drives him.

NBA Revenge Game

JR Smith – Knicks @ Cavs

Iman Shumpert – Knicks @ Cavs

David Lee – Spurs @ Warriors

David West – Spurs @ Warriors

NBA Birthdays

Chandler Parsons – Not on slate


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