Narrative of the Day Not a ton of #narrativestreet today on this four-game slate, but we do have a brother vs. brother matchup with Robin Lopez vs. Brook Lopez. Apologies for the amateur hour photo shop skills, but you see what I was going for with the Halloween theme and all. We have a nice […]

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October 30th #Narrativestreet

Medium slate in the association today with 7 games on the slate, with two big narratives in play. First, Happy 20th birthday to Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker!  Hard to believe he’s only turning 20 years old.  The sky is the limit for the now 20 year old sharpshooter, and hopefully he’ll come out firing […]

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October 29th #NarrativeStreet

Narrative of the day The Zeller boys grew up wresting on the farm in Washington, Indiana… they face off tonight and we can only hope we get a “general soreness” or night off for a teammate on each squad so that the brothers get more run tonight, otherwise, they probably shouldn’t be on any DFS […]

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October 28th #NarrativeStreet

We have a nice 8 game Friday night slate in the Association!  Despite the number of games, a rather quite night on narrative street, led by a couple of “revenge games” with mid-range forwards in good spots and the potential for the making of a major season long narrative in Brooklyn. Narrative of the day  […]

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  Narrative of the Day It’s day 3 in the Association, and the stage belongs to Dwayne Wade, who returns to his hometown of Chicago in a spotlight game versus the Boston Celtics who are on a back-to-back after opening the season at home versus the lowly Brooklyn Nets. Just how much does playing in […]

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October 26th #NarrativeStreet

Wednesday Night in the Association!  Picking between Russell Westbrooke and James Harden tonight is going to be like choosing between a 2-seamer and a slider from Cory Kluber.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but I wanted to work in a Kluber reference because he’s freaking awesome.  #RallyTogether Don’t look now but Steph Curry and […]

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October 25th #NarrativeStreet

Narrative of the Day It’s opening night in the Association – that’s enough narrative for everyone on the slate to bring their “A-Game”. When you combine opening night with a ring ceremony in Cleveland and a superstar’s debut on a super team that’s not celebrating a ring ceremony at the Oracle, well in the words […]

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