March 30th #NarrativeStreet

Narrative of the Day

Narrative street looks like the i405 at rush hour this week! A day after twitter explodes over a Kyrie love triangle – Deangelo Russell is trending over another love triangle. Whereas the narrative gave Kyrie a revenge boost, we wouldn’t touch DAR tonight. He’s not going to get many looks from teammates tonight and may be blacklisted from all NBA locker rooms soon. Anytime we can write up a Kobe narrative, we will… and tonight we get two! The decreased DAR usage follow #brocode narrative plus the final matchup vs DWade has us giving Kobe a look or two.

NBA Revenge Game

Brandon Knight – Suns @ Bucks

Raymond Felton – Knicks @ Mavs

David Lee – Knicks @ Mavs

Miles Plumlee – Suns @ Bucks

NBA Promotional Nights

Bizmack Biyombo – Hawks @ Raptors – Biz doing it for the kids…



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