March 9th #NarrativeStreet

Narrative of the Day

Revenge is a dish best served cold… at least 6 players will be facing off against their former teams in tonight’s 9 game NBA slate.  Our favorite is Tony Allen, coming off a season high 46 DK point performance, returns to Boston (whom he posted his previous season high of 34.5 DK points against in January). Allen was drafted by Boston in 2004 and won a ring with the Celts in 2008.

It’s a Memphis team float rolling down narrative street in Boston tonight.  Allen revenge + depleted Memphis squad leading to increased run and usage for all + Matt Barnes birthday game = DFS gods are smiling over Boston tonight.  Play everyone.


NBA Revenge Game

Robin Lopez – Knicks @ Suns

Jeff Green – Clippers @ Thunder

Tony Allen – Grizzlies @ Celtics

Tyson Chandler – Knicks @ Suns

Omri Casspi – Cavs @ Kings

Ish Smith – Rockets @ Sixers

NBA Birthdays

Matt Barnes – Grizzlies @ Celtics


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